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At The End Of The Tunnel

Run-Time: 7 Minutes & 30 Seconds

Year: 2016-2019


At The End Of The Tunnel, is an experimental documentary, exploring the taboo of menstruation in our society. Through three-chapters: Isolation, Pain, and Celebration, musing voices come together to share the shame and humiliation that has greeted them all. A sense of camaraderie strikes through the heart of the film - embracing the trauma that unites us all.  


2020 | London Short Film Festival: The New Experimentalists


Writer & Director: Natasha Austin-Green

Producers: Natasha Austin-Green & Joe Argent

Cinematographer: Alex Lancastle

Editor: Joe Argent

Sound Designer: Joe Crouch

Sound Recordist: Johnny Hinsley 


Actor: Tor Bassett

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